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Before we evaluate the best speed bags that there are in the market currently, let’s take a quick look at why we need to use a speed bag especially when one is training.

One of the major benefits of a speed bag is that it helps a boxer keep their eyes up. It is important that one keep their chin down but it’s equally important for the boxer to keep their eyes up.

Training with a speed bag also helps in improving endurance, footwork and hand eye coordination. A speed bag also helps develop muscles.

Types of speed bags

Speed bags are made available in different sizes, shapes as well as materials. There are some speed bags that come with boards whereas some can be hung from the ceiling directly using swivels.

Sizes of Speed bags

Speed bags are usually somewhere between 10 – 13inches on the larger side whereas the smaller speed bags are around 4 – 6inch. The larger speed bags help with endurance as well as building strength.

Shapes of Speed bags

Usually the shape of a speed bag depends on the manufacturers. They can be tear drop shop while others can be Mexican style banana shape etc. Before you choose which is the best speed bag for you, talk to experts and pick the one that helps your boxing style.

Materials for Speed bag

The speed bags are made of polyurethane, leather or synthetic materials.

Boards for Speed bags

The boards are usually made from wood. These platforms help one fix the bag directly from the ceiling. There are some bags that have a stand and with this, the bags can stand on the ground and there are some which are designed to hang horizontal from the wall.

Swivels from Speed bag

Swivel gives the speed bag free movement. There is a Deville swivel which uses a ball bearing type. Again, you should talk to experts and find out which is the best and most suitable speed bag for you.

Now that we have covered the benefits of a speed bag and the type, let’s look at best seller speed bags based on consumer reviews.

Quick reviews of best speed bags





Available colors

Editor’s rating


Title Black Speed Bag





Balazs Lazer Speed Bag





Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag


S, M, L

Black, Classic Red and Mexico


Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag

Skintex leather

M (6")
L (7") 

Black & White


Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

Cowhide leather


Cell 5 / 5

​1. Title Black Speed Bag Brand

Title Boxing Product link:

Product link on Amazon:

Title Black speed bag is made available in three different sizes that are 5”x8”, 6”x9” and 7”x10”. The speed bag is made using full grain leather and the seams are made with suede leather stitched with nylon dura-thread. Inside the bladder of this speed bag there is polyethylene butyl rubber which is micro-thin.

Customers have reviewed the Title Black speed bag positively as it is solid and due to the micro-thin filling, has a quick rebound speed. The Title Black speed bag helps one develop precision as well as improve speed.

The company, Title Boxing was established in the year 1998 and in the year 2007 they extended to MMA as well. Title believes that the passion which derives the athletes to do their best is what inspires Title to do their best.

Whether it is their equipment or apparel, Title Boxing always stands true to their motto and offer high end luxurious finish and excellent quality.


Excellent for pro athletes
Excellent material


Not for beginners

2. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag 

Brand: Balazs Boxing

Product link:|training%20accessories|speed%20and%20striking%20bags|LS

Product link on Amazon:

The Balazs Lazer speed bag is made using smooth grained leather which is smooth on hands but is not slippery. What speaks highly about the product is that Balazs offers total money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the speed bag in any way; whether it is the speed at which it rebounds, its shape, material, durability of the bladder etc. (You can know more about their policy on the brand page.)

The bag comes in different sizes that vary from Peanut which is 5”x8” to Sonic that is sized at 6”x9”, Jet that is 7”x10” and finally the Rocket that comes in size 8”x11”. The Balazs Lazer speed bag performs really well and the workmanship has been rated high by consumers who are using the bag actually.

The bag maintains its shape and has a bounce which is quite good for those who are looking at practising and sharpening their boxing skills further.


Excellent quality
Holds its shape
Suitable for pros and beginners


None so far

3. Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag

Brand: Cleto Reyes

Product link: Product link on


Another strong contender on the list of top speed bags is the Cleto Reyes Platform speed bag. It is made with genuine leather and is well defined. Cleto Reyes bags are known for their durability and defined details.

The smaller bags are quite fast and are recommended for beginners whereas the bigger sizes are best suited for professionals. The bag helps improve a boxer’s reflexes as well as coordination. It comes in S, Mini, M and L sizes and the weight of the bag is around 3lbs.

The bag includes a replacement bladder and comes in colors like Black, Classic Red and Mexico. Since 1990, the 71 year old company has won many accolades and recognition and their latest achievement was inclusion in the 2008 World Boxing Hall of Fame.

This speed bag for training is recommended greatly by the consumers and is rated very high.




Premium pricing

4. Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag

Brand: Venum

Bag Brand: Venum

Bag Brand: Venum

Product link:

Product link on Amazon:

The Venum speed bag is made available in two sizes; M – 6inches and L – 7inches (approximately). It is made using Skintex leather and has a balanced design which helps one get optimal rebounds.

This speed bag is top rated when it comes to developing fast reflexes as well as improving quickness. The brand in itself talks a lot about the bag’s durability. A complaint that the consumers have regarding the bag is that it goes flat quite often.

The bag costs a little more than a basic speed bag but it definitely is worth the money. The look of the bag is also quite different from regular bags that you see and definitely has a style of its own.


Balanced design
optimal rebound


Slightly expensive when evaluated in terms of its offering
Limited size

5. Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

Brand: Ringside Product link:

Product link on Amazon:

This speed bag is quite highly rated by consumers for its classic detailing as well as its durability. The bag is made with 100% genuine cowhide leather and has a riveted swivel loop which ensures that the bag is quite durable. It has reinforced seams and a classic engraved logo.

It is available in two sizes which are 5”x8” X Small and 6”x9” Small. The bag is well suited for professionals and it helps improve the accuracy of a boxer. It is a firm target when you are training and will definitely stand up to its brand name.

Ringside is a well-known brand whether you are an amateur fighter or a pro. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation of being one of the most dependable suppliers of boxing gears.


Improves accuracy
Quite sturdy


Not suitable for beginners
Limited size option
Quite expensive

Our final verdict on best speed bag

Never before have we had a review of products that is so neck to neck. The top three best speed bags - Title Black Speed Bag, Balazs Lazer Speed Bag and Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag are all excellent performers and have stood against the test of time.

To help you further select the best speed bag keep certain tips in mind. Firstly, if you don’t have a swivel or a speed bag platform then you should invest in them. Secondly, the height of the speed bag matters a lot, therefore pick a bag that is best suited for you and your training style.

Finally, it is very significant that you give due importance to the material of the speed bag. The bag has to take your blows therefore the quality of the material matters a lot.

Now that we have covered almost all aspects related to a speed bag – its benefits, importance as well as top rated products; time for you to take your pick and begin your training with the best peed bag that is best suited for you. 

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