5 Wonderful Benefits of Speed bag for Your Health

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Remember those moments from Rocky where Stallone practices on the speed bag and makes you drool. Well Speed bag has more benefits than just making you look cool and tough. Walk into any boxing gym and you will see a boxer striking a speed bag creating a melody that soothes the athletes. This is because a speed bag is fundamental equipment for boxers and the routine is deep-rooted in the traditional training workouts.

While most would agree, that speed bag benefits a boxer in their overall training, there still is a lot of questions regarding its importance and value. It definitely should not be sole the focus of anyone’s training but it unmistakably has a value without which training of a boxer can be called incomplete. It develops your concentration, improves upon your defense and overall makes you sharper.

A quick glance at what is a speed bag?

All punching bags are not speed bags but all speed bags are punching bags. The latter are basically small air filled bags that are attached to a platform. With these, boxers develop their punching skills and also improve upon their swift movements.

It is very important that a speed bag is placed at a perfect height. Usually it should be hanged just above your eyebrows. You should be at a distance such that you can keep your elbows up and hit the bag comfortably without it getting too close to your face when it rebounds. A speed bag teaches you how to keep your hands up and be ready in a defensive position.

When you are using a speed bag then open your hands and don’t make a tight fist because that can result to you losing control. Also, it is important that you hit the bag from close because if you are at a distance, it will make it too difficult for you to hit the bag fast. Another important trick to know while using a speed bag is that don’t swing your fists back and forth whereas make small circles in the air. This will help you have a smooth motion.

When you are practicing on a speed bag try and stand square in front of the bag and don’t necessarily take your boxing stance especially if you are a beginner. This tips would definitely help make your speed bag workout even better and more fun. Since we have got the basics of what to do and not do while training on speed bag out of the way, now let’s look deeper into the matter and discuss how speed bag benefits a boxer; whether a novice or a pro.

Benefits of a Speed Bag

1. Speed bag can improve your hand and eye coordination

Since the striking surface is pretty small and the training is usually very fast, the eye has to work with the hand so that you can maintain a pace. It can also help you move around using basic footwork therefore, it won’t be incorrect to say that speed bag benefits a boxer by improving their hand, eye and foot coordination.

2. Improve your rhythm and timing with a speed bag training

With a speed bag you constantly have to have flowing hand and arm movements. Along with the movement, speed bag also requires that you use certain force every time your hand strikes it. In other words, we can say that by training with a speed bag, a boxer can improve their rhythm and timing which are fundamentally important for boxing, just as for any other sport.

3. Speed bag helps build a boxer behavior

When something comes close to your face, your first reaction is to blink. However, when you practice with speed bag, you become used to an object moving towards you, inches away from your face. This helps you face speed bag without flinching. This helps a fighter be aware about what is coming their way during an actual match and allows one to be more effective at defending.

4. With a speed bag, improve your overall fitness

For a boxer, their hand and arm strength is of vital importance. With a speed bag you have to strike continuously which helps one build their shoulder as well as arm strength. It also tones, defines and builds the boxer’s endurance. Moreover, since you are punching repetitively at length; even if for 3 minutes continuously, speed bag gives you cardiovascular benefits as well.

5. And of course, speed bag helps develop your boxing skills

You have heavy bag training as well as speed bag training when you are polishing your boxing skills. The latter helps you develop speed while keeping your hands up and also improves your punching techniques. The force that you use, rhythm and accuracy also get refined when you include speed bag to your training. You can choose from various techniques like use speed bag for your strength routine, speed routine or do an endurance workout. It will add immense value to your overall boxing training.

So here we have a quick list of benefits that a speed bag offers. Speed bags benefit a boxer and along with this, even if you are looking out for a good workout option, it can make for a great choice. Choose a gym with a speed bag or simply get it fitted into your home; it is a cheap workout option that has multitude of benefits. It is fun to use and also helps you improve your strength, allows you to do cardio in an interesting way and also lets you improve your focus.

While speed bag benefits by honing your punching skills as a boxer and more, it also helps you relieve stress. Also, remember that if for boxers like Muhammad Ali, speed bag was crucial for development then maybe you can try to pump up your training with it and give it a shot as well. After all if it was good enough for legends then it definitely can be good enough for your trainings as well. Get, set and go!

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