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guide how to punch harder

Your punching depends on a lot of factors including your body position, power as well as body weight etc.

Read on to know more about how to punche harder but at the same time we would like to also mention that all the theories and exercises should be done in presence of your personal trainer or instructor so that you can have correct postures, the right technique and also so that you don’t end up injuring yourself instead.

Now that we have this disclaimer out of our way, let’s move on and learn some basics about how to punch harder and better.

First of all there are some theories that we need to be clear about punching

  • Speed is not the only criteria that can help you get the power. There has to be a right amount of force that is required with the speed so that the result can be powerful.
  • The trick to powerful punches is that don’t just use your arms, rather put in your whole body to it. Move your whole body; not a great distance but move the whole body at the same time. This trick was often used by Bruce Lee and is popularly known as the one-inch punch.
  • Remember that your punch will not be strong enough if your arm is entirely stretched out. So be at a little shorter distance in comparison to your full range.
  • Punch from different angles because it can help you do more damage to your opponent.
  • The million dollar trick to great punches is - Practise, practise and perfect your punches and practise some more.

Apart from these pointers, don’t forget the basics. Firstly, always keep your feet firmly on the ground because it will maintain your balance and give your punches stability. Secondly, know when to stop. Your stopping the punches at the right time will transfer the momentum to your opponent. Thirdly, don’t miss out on your cardio training.

These help you maintain calm, be steady and also pushes away the fatigue giving you a chance to stay in the combat longer without losing your breath.

Finally, know your tendencies and where you fall short because an opponent will notice these points and use them against you. Video tape yourself while practising and know what you tells are and work on those so that no one can take advantage of you in the ring.

how to punch harder

More details and tricks to help you punch harder

1. Maintain the flow of energy

  • Ensure that your feet are spread wide and that the back foot heel is lifted a little. This will help your feet pivot in the direction of the punch.
  • Keep your feet planted on the ground for stability and maximum power. Later on you can break this rule once you’ve learnt the basics and mastered the punches.

2. Your legs are as important as your arms when it comes to punching

  • Your legs help you make your punches more powerful.
  • Bend your knees slightly as this will avoid causing you a knee jerk and also help you maximize your power.

3. Use your hips

  • Hips help you spin and also are vitally important when you want to punch with all your strength.

4. Use your upper body strength

  • Punching isn’t just about your arm work rather you need to put in your whole body into it.
  • Full rotation of your torso will help you hit harder as compared to the situation when you take a small rotation and extend your arms fully.

5. Include your shoulders to maximise energy

  • Raise your shoulders and let your shoulder muscles loose to make your punches stronger.
  • Loosening up your shoulders help you increase speed as well as power and also save you some energy.

6. Arms; definitely one of the most important aspect of punching

  • Don’t overextend your arms as this makes your punches lighter and also makes it easier for the opponent to counter.
  • Don’t use telegraphing. This is the technique where you pull your fist back. If your opponent is an experienced boxer, he would see the punch coming. It doesn’t help especially if the opponent is standing tall in the fight.

7. Put your head into it

  • Exhale sharply while punching.
  • Be alert
  • Tuck down your chin a little so that during the fight, your punching shoulder covers your chin.

8. Work on your aiming

  • Don’t be too close or too far while punching because it will reduce your punching power.
  • Practise jabbing very seriously as it can help you during an actual combat. Stepping forward rapidly helps make the punches stronger.
  • Use techniques like right cross, left and right hook, uppercut etc.
  • Since we’ve covered what to do, it’s important that we also look at what not to do. Here is a list of common mistakes that one makes while punching.

Important things you should know when training your punch harder

1. Over extending

  • We are specifying this again and again because this is definitely one of the most common mistakes that one does.

2. Don’t forget to Jab

  • Jabs are important and allow you to set up stronger and larger punches. These distract your opponent even if for a moment which gives you time to pull in those larger punches.

3. Don’t punch too fast

  • There is a different between jabbing and just throwing punches left, right and center. This tires your arms and devoid you of energy.

4. Avoid telegraphing

  • This makes your punches predictable.

5. Workout under supervision

  • Too much weight training or too little, both can be harmful. Your trainer will make a combination which will help you be swifter as well as stronger.
  • Best exercises to help you improve your punching

6. Weight training

  • It goes without saying that weight training helps build your upper body strength which will in turn help strengthen your punches. Use exercises like bench press, bicep curls as well as shoulder presses and pull ups. These will strengthen your arms. Whereas exercises like captain’s chair, crunches etc. will help you build your core.

7. Don’t miss out your heavy punching bag training

  • Punching bag helps you improve your punches and this is a dynamic exercise that helps you focus, build your technique as well as improve your proficiency.

8. Cardio

  • Cardiovascular exercises help one not become breathless and too exhausted. It is important to build your stamina. You can turn towards swimming, rope jumping etc. Swimming is considered to be excellent because it builds your stamina as well as upper body strength.

9. Shadow boxing is not a gimmick

  • Shadow boxing helps you warm up, maintain your foot work as well as work on your form. It also helps you work on your punching speed and build strength as well as stamina.
  • Apart from these slow punching, isometric training, aerobics, jogging etc. are all excellent when you are building your stamina, strength and technique. However, one most important factor that you need to keep in mind while working out is that you should never miss out on warm ups.
  • It helps you open up your muscles and also saves you from injuries. Keep an open mind and listen to what your trainer tells you because at times listening to someone teaches you best strategies and techniques that you don’t know.

Rounding up

Remember that punching is not restricted to your hands and arms; rather it is a whole body movement. For powerful punches always put in your hips as well as shoulders as it helps you be fast as well as effective.

Apart from this learn to relax as well. If you become too tense your punches won’t be as strong. Punching is a snapping motion, therefore don’t lose your energy on being tensed while punching. Train for stronger legs and don’t miss out on leg days because leg strength is extremely important for your punching.

Work on your speed and also learn how to use your body weight to make your punches stronger and more powerful. Apart from this, work on your precision because no matter how hard you train but if you aren’t accurate, it’s all a waste.

Learn the techniques, workout under supervision, practise and train harder… and get ready to knock ‘em out!

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