Completely Guide How to Jump Rope like a Boxer

How to Jump Rope like a Boxer

We’ve all watched those boxing documentaries that feature some of the greats like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. And there’s always those scenes where their skipping rope incredibly fast, whilst making it look so easy. As we watch them in awe, we often ask ourselves “how?” “How do they do it?” That’s the same reason you clicked on this blog post. Because you want to learn how to jump rope like a boxer.

Jumping rope is one of the best stamina-building workouts you can do. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely frustrating, and even painful to learn.

The keys you need have yourself jumping rope like a boxer in no time

Use the right type of rope

Different types of jump ropes are available depending on your level. Beginners’ jump ropes tend to be made of cotton or nylon and revolve slowly to help the user learn. More advanced jump ropes are made of PVC or leather. These tend to move faster and more swiftly and are made for more experienced jumpers.

Get the right length of rope

The best way to measure whether a rope is the right length for you is to stand on it with both feet and pull the handles toward your underarms. If the rope does not reach your under arms then it is likely to be short. Inversely, if it goes way past your shoulders it may be too long for you. If the rope is not the right length, it will affect your rhythm and make your workout much harder. Ideally, if the rope is is the right length it will gently brush the floor on each jump.

Finding your rhythm

Finding the rhythm of your feet is probably the hardest part about jump roping. This is where most beginners may struggle so it’s important to start slow. Jumping rope is like dancing. In the beginning, it may be hard to grasp but, you will eventually be able to ‘feel it’.

You may want to jump with the rope along your side at first. That is, with both handles in one hand by your side. Listen to the sound of the rope and try to match your feet with the rhythm of the rope. This is a good place to start.

Eventually you can work your way toward jumping over the rope.


Jumping rope is like riding a bike. It takes practice. You’re not going to get it the first time, nor the second time nor the third. The key is not to get frustrated. Often when you’re a beginner the rope may even hit your toes or your back and it’ll hurt like hell. The key is to persevere through the frustration and practice as much as you can.

Use your wrists

It is common that most beginners make the mistake of jumping rope whilst using their entire arms to circulate the rope. This may work but it is also extremely inefficient and will cause you to tire quickly. If your arms tire way before your legs do, then the workout will become counter-productive and you will not build stamina. The best way to revolve the rope is by circulating the wrist portion of your arm only. This way your shoulders stay relaxed and you’re able to skip for longer periods.

Jump on the balls of your feet

The term “balls of your feet” may be new to you. The ball of your foot is simply the part of your foot that you would jump on. The area just below the toes on the sole of your foot. This is the best athletic position for jumping rope. Ideally your heels should never touch the ground when jumping rope.

Therefore, jumping rope is a great workout for your calves and leg muscles. Eventually you’ll be jumping higher than you ever did.

Don’t jump too high

When you watch the pro boxers jump rope, it’s almost as if they’re not even jumping. This is how it’s supposed to look. Jump only high enough for the rope to pass beneath you. If you’re jumping for the sky every jump, you’ll probably not make it through a 3 min round of jump roping.

Remember that the rope is, at most, a third of an inch thick so you do not need to jump a meter in the air to let it pass beneath you. Its best to relax and let the rope pass under you smoothly. Don’t worry if you trip up the rope, that’s common. Just work on consistently making smaller jumps.

Keep your arms by your waist line

Your hands must be about a foot from your side at waist height. This may vary with a different length of rope but it is the optimum position of your arms to whilst jumping rope.

So where do you start?

Before you get to feature in boxing documentaries with the likes Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, you have to start somewhere. Here is a beginner’s guide that is used by many first time jump ropers. 

Start with the rope behind you and do one jump over the rope. Next do two sets of two jumps. And then 3 sets of 3 jumps. Continue the process until you can do 10 sets of 10 jumps. If you miss a jump go back and repeat the previous level.

If you practice this method persistently. It should only take you about a week or two to be comfortable jumping rope.

Few mistakes that beginners make when jumping rope

Using a rope that is the wrong weight

Using a rope that gives little resistance to your arms will make it hard to jump rope. If you’re not able to feel the location of the rope while it is revolving around you it will be tough to keep your rhythm.

On the other hand, using a rope that is two heavy (weighted jump ropes) will cause your arms to tire too quickly. If you’re looking to gain stamina but can only jump your rope for 20 seconds at a time, you’re probably using the wrong rope.

Excessive arm movement

Beginners tend to wildly flail their arms when their jumping rope. this means that their arms tire extremely fast and their technique becomes inefficient. Remember, Jumping rope is supposed to look effortless. Expounding less energy over a longer period id the best way to build stamina

Giving up

Some beginners expect to jump like a pro within a day of practice. So, it can be disheartening when the process is tougher than it seems. If you have it in your mind that jumping rope is just too hard, then it’ll always be so. Instead take the difficulty of jumping rope as a challenge worth overcoming. With a conqueror mindset, you will soon put the days of tedious learning behind you.


Once again, jump rope is a great work out. Not only is it more entertaining that running on a treadmill, it also incorporates the whole body. Many gym goers jump rope to warm up and cool down after a session or even increase their physical stamina. Jumping rope is also great for coordination and increasing the speed of your feet.

This makes it a great alternative training method for athletes. Now you are ready to face the world. You have learnt how to jump rope like a boxer and there’s only one thing left to do; practice!

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