Ultimate Guide How to Select & Hang a Heavy Boxing Bag

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A punching bag is a multi-functional piece of equipment essential to take your gym to the next level. If you’re looking to improve your agility, strength, and coordination a punching bag may be the key to your success. There are a wide variety of bags and methods to assemble them within your gym.

There are several things to consider before hanging a heavy boxing bag. Before you start DIYing your way to a damaged ceiling and a heavy bag on top of your not-yet athletic feet, be sure and read through these easy steps.

1. Type of Bag Heavy Hanging Bag

Heavy hanging bags are used to work on strength training. Heavy punching bags can be filled with two different types of material: water or sand. Sand bags tend to be the preferred material as they are more durable and are best for kicking workouts.

Uppercut Bags: An uppercut bag is a smaller version of a heavy bag. It is essentially a heavy bag hung horizontally so the boxer can practice throwing punches at waist level and eventually at chin level.

Speed Bag : A speed bag is a small air-filled bag used for fast paced workouts. These are used to practice one’s timing and helps the athletes develop hand-eye coordination.

Double-ended bags: A double-ended bag looks like a volleyball strung up by two cords, one that connects to the ceiling and the other that connects to the floor. This type of bag is used for practicing counterattacks because the bag snaps quickly back at the athlete after they throw a punch.

2. Location of the Bag

Experienced boxers use the full 360 degree circle around the bag to achieve optimal agility. The location of your punching bag will be paramount for your training success. Make sure you choose a location away from any walls as the bag tends to swing as your punches and kicks get stronger. Unless you want the bag flying at the wall and coming back at you with a vengeance, we’d suggest choosing a spacious location in the gym.

If you do not have the option to hang your bag from the ceiling or do not plan on practicing your technique with the full 360 degree circle, see Method #2: How to Hang Your Bag with a Wall Mount.

3. Method for Hanging a Heavy Bag

Method #1: How to Hang Your Bag from the Ceiling

Before selecting this method, make sure you have the correct tools on hand. For this project you’ll need: Heavy Hanging Punching Bag (With S-Hook) Stud Finder (optional) Drill Eyebolt Wrench

Step 1: The key to hanging your bag from the ceiling is finding a sturdy support beam. There are many ways to find a support beam.

The best way to find a support beam is to use a stud finder. If a stud finder is out of the question, you can resort to the knock test. Start by knocking on your ceiling to see if the beam sounds hollow. If the beam sounds hollow there is NO support bream behind it. Continue knocking until you find a sturdy beam that lacks the hollow noise.

Step 2: Next drill a small hole into the support beam. Remember you can always make the hole larger so start small.

Step 3: Next twist an eye bolt into the hole you’ve created and tighten with a wrench. Make sure you twist the eyebolt straight into the hole to avoid future problems in your construction.

Step 4: Assemble the punching bag. Refer to your instruction manual to properly assemble your punching bag. Normally the chains of the bag go on opposing hooks. Use the S-Hook (included with punching bag) to hang your punching bag on the eyehook in your ceiling.

Step 5: Finally test the bag. To test your bag, throw a few light punches. Increase the intensity as your confidence in your assembly is proven!

Method #2: Hang Your Boxing Bag from a Wall Mount

Before selecting this method, make sure you have the correct tools on hand. For this project you’ll need:

- Heavy Hanging Punching Bag (With S-Hook)
- Heavy Hanging Punching Bag (With S-Hook)
- Heavy Hanging Punching Bag (With S-Hook)
- Drill Wall Mount 

If you are unable to hang your punching bag from the ceiling, another quick option is to hang your bag from a wall mount. You can find a wall mount at most athletic stores, follow this link to find a wall mount. After purchasing your wall mount you must follow the assembly instructions. Most wall mounts include all hardware necessary to assemble the structure.

The wall mount bracket will be screwed into the wall with the mount hanging slightly below the ceiling where your punching bag and S-hook can be properly hung. Note this method is best for masonry walls.

4. Cleaning Tips and Tricks

After you have purchased your punching bag, you’ll want to do some upkeep to make sure it lasts and stays in optimal shape as you train. It is important to follow these tips to prevent your bag from deteriorating over time. There are typically two different types of material you will be cleaning so it is important to match the cleaning technique with the type of material below.

Leather Bag: A leather bag should be cleaned with a gentle disinfectant spray or wipe after every use. Keep a spray bottle and towels nearby so that you can tend to your equipment after each use. This will ensure the quality of the leather is maintained after using it overtime.

Once every week, you should clean your leather bag with traditional leather cleaner. You can find leather cleaner at a sports store, a leather clothing shop, and the automotive sections in ad general hardware store.

Canvas Bag: While leather bags are preferred, if you happen to have a canvas bag use a gentle carpet cleaner and sponge once per week or every three days during heavy use and hang in the sun to dry.

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