6 Effective Ways to Get Bigger Hands Naturally

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If you go to the gym six times a week and your biceps look like boulders, being told that you have cute hands will probably annoy you. No matter how cute the girl was that told you. Small hands are one of man's deepest insecurities. It gets so emasculating to know your girlfriends are just the same size was yours.

Unfortunately, most people with small hands believe they can never change them. What if I told you that it is possible to get bigger hands?

We all have parts of our bodies that we’d like to change. The problem is we can’t change our genetics—not like several workouts at the gym will suddenly make you seven feet tall.

We all have natural physical characteristics; some of us are short, others big boned, and some of us have small hands. But are we just stuck like that, and doomed to be insecure for the rest of our lives? Not necessarily. Often the parts of our bodies that we believe to be unchanging, can, in fact, be altered over time. You just need to know how. Here I'll show you  how to get bigger hands.

If you’re under the age of 25 and you’re worried about the size of your hands… relax. Your bones do not stop growing until you reach your mid-twenties. From there it is unlikely your hands will grow any bigger naturally. Instead, you have to make them grow!

how to get bigger hands

Julius Wolff, a surgeon in the 1800’s theorized that the bones of a living animal will adapt to suit the loads that are placed on them. Eventually, bones which are subjected to higher loads will remodel themselves and strengthen to resist heavier weights. Why do you think bodybuilders’ and weightlifters’ hands change over time?

Bear in mind that the opposite is also true. If a bone is subjected to less weight, it may become weaker over time. If there is no stimulus to influence the growth of bone mass, the bone will in fact atrophy. “You don’t use it you lose it” is the common quote.

Reading this probably comes with a huge sigh of relief for the likes of boxers, weightlifters, combat sports athletes etc. who have small hands. It means that all you may have to do is hit the gym and do a couple different exercises to get bigger hands.

Here are a few gym exercises that are recommended by trainers to help you get bigger hands

Olympic lifts 

these lifts include exercises like deadlifts, RDL’s, jerks, cleans and snatches. If you’re already a gym goer and have tried some of these techniques, then you’re probably aware of the amount of strain they can put on your hands.

These exercises, despite being for other parts of the body, also test your grip strength. If you can hold 320 kilograms beneath you, your hands will probably be very big.

The practice and repetition of doing these exercises are bound to strengthen your grip and in turn, enlarge your hands.

Get bigger hand by Olimpic lift



This exercise is especially good for increasing the size of your hands. Placing a barbell on a rack and standing to one side of it, grab it in its center and lift it lake a suitcase with one hand. Do the same on the other side. This is bound to strengthen your wrists and hands even as you deal with balancing the bar.

Make sure you practice proper form and use the safety catches in case you lose your balance.

Get Bigger Wrists

Another unconventional way to get bigger hands is to get bigger wrists. As an athlete, sometimes your issue is not necessarily small hands but rather weak or inflexible wrists. By increasing the strength and flexibility of your wrists, you may find yourself being able to lift more and grip heavier weight.

Here are a couple of ways to increase the size of your wrists;


This is an essential part of working out which athletes tend to neglect. It is very hard to perform exercises like Olympic lifts with inflexible wrists.

Practicing good wrist form

Focusing on the form of your wrists as you lift may enlighten you to some of your weaknesses. In some cases, it may be better to use less weight, better your form and strengthen your wrists first, and then increase weight. This will ensure you get maximum results from your workout.

Vary your exercises.

There is a whole range of different exercises you can use to strengthen your wrists. Some include knuckle pushups, wrist rollers, plate pinches, and wrist releases. Performing a range of these exercises will give you all round strength in your wrists. 

Be patient

You won’t have big wrists nor big hands overnight. You must be patient and let the exercises naturally do their work. It may be tedious and the gains may be slower but the long-term gains are imperative.

But perhaps you’d like to try a different method to get bigger hands?

Here are several other unconventional ways to get bigger hands

Stretching Brandon Allen, an aspiring NFL quarterback was recently ridiculed before the NFL draft because of his “small hands”. NFL scouts measure the hand sizes of quarterbacks for evidence as to their capability to handle the ball. Apparently, bigger hands mean they can manipulate the ball better. I know… weird right.

So, Brandon Allen resorted to stretching. He visited a massage therapist who informed him that his hand muscles were extremely tight. From there, Brandon got deep massages and stretched vigilantly. Though unlikely to make a huge difference, Allen may be able to cheat the rules a little.

Grip Strengtheners

We’ve all seen those grip strengtheners that people squeeze in their hands. They’re never used consistently and are always lying around someone’s house. But grip strengtheners can be one of the best remedies for small hands.

The great perk of using a grip strengthener is you don’t have to go to the gym to use it. You can use it on the bus on your way back from work, or even whilst you watch TV and read the newspaper.

Habitually using a grip strengthener is a great way to unconsciously build your way to bigger hands.

Eat More

The mass you hope to pack on to your hands must come from somewhere right? If you’re not eating enough calories, you may be fighting a lost cause if you want bigger wrists. It is imperative that if you want to gain more mass you simply have to eat more.

Though make sure you are eating the right food. Focus on a higher protein intake which is bound to increase your muscle mass. Focus less on fat calories which will only make you gain the wrong kind of weight.


You may have thought there was no way to escape your ailment of ‘small wrist’ syndrome. In fact, with the techniques above and the discipline to practice consistently you may be able to not only increase the size of your hands but also increase their strength.

If you’re a boxer, weightlifter, bodybuilder or even just a regular dude trying to get bigger hands, there is hope. And now you know the secret of how to get bigger hands.

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