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Boxing, just like any other sport requires rigorous training, practise and the right kind of equipment; and for a boxer one of the most important equipment is their boxing glove. If you’re into the sport, it is vitally important that you invest in excellent boxing gloves and if you are one of those who boxes for workout even then you need a top rated boxing glove for your heavy bag training and more.

Though everyone has their own way of picking and choosing their boxing gloves, let’s quickly glance through the basics of how to pick the best boxing gloves whether it is for practising on a punching bag or for your training.

It is important that one gives due importance to the size of the glove along with its weight. Though size and weight corresponds with each other but that’s not the case all the time. So take your time and choose wisely. Now for those who want a boxing glove for heavy bag then you need to pick something that protects your knuckles.

There are two types of boxing gloves for heavy bag which are the Classic bag gloves and the Modern bag gloves. The former are no longer recommended because they don’t offer proper cushioning and wrist support. The latter however overcomes all the shortcomings of the Classic boxing gloves for heavy bag.

Apart from boxing gloves for heavy bags, there are sparring gloves, training gloves, fighting gloves, cardio gloves and more. Here though, we will concentrate on the listing out best boxing gloves for heavy bag only.

Quick ​reviews of best boxing gloves for heavy bags

Top rated boxing gloves for heavy bag in a glance




Available colors

Editor’s rating


Title Gel Power Weighted Super Bag Gloves


Black white


Everlast ProTex2 EverGel Training Gloves




Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves


Black, Blue, Red


Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Super microfiber construction

Black, Blue, Lime Green, Red, White


Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

Vylar – 2 Engineered Leather

Black, Purple, Lime Green, Orange, Red, Blue, White, Steel

1. ​Title Gel Power Weighted Super Bag Gloves

Brand: Title Boxing



One of the top boxing gloves for heavy bags is the Title Boxing Gel Power Weighted Super Bag Glove. Apart from being a best seller it is much favoured by consumers as well. It has excellent quality and comes with a zippered back wrist which allows you to insert weights to each glove.

The glove is made out of leather and gets a Gel Enforced linking which is exclusive to Title Boxing. It also gets multi-layer foam padding for extra protection. These gloves are best for heavy bags because they are ideal for practising with maximum speed as well as allow you to add power and muscle to your workout.

Title Boxing gloves are said to be excellent especially for beginners as they provide immense protection and are not expensive either, as compared to some of the other high quality boxing gloves.

The company was established in 1998 and in the year 2007 it expanded to Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as we fondly call it. Title believes that it is a sportsman’s passion which drives them to do their best and this best inspires Title to do theirs.


Gel enforced protective lining
Extra foam padding
Excellent for beginners


Not premium
Could have better wrist support

2. Everlast ProTex2 EverGel Training Gloves

Brand: Everlast Product:


What makes this one of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag is that they can handle a great deal of pressure even from the strongest strike. These come with a breathable technology which means that your hands won’t be all wet and sweaty when you’re training.

The glove has a new state of the art gel technology which protects your knuckles while the dual collar supports your wrist quite well. It is not very expensive and is often termed as one of the best products for heavy bag training. Another plus for these Everlast gloves is that they come with a 120 day warranty. You can find more details about the same from the Everlast website.

The gloves rank high in terms of price, protection, comfort and wrist protection. In terms of durability however there is a question mark but then again, this factor depends a lot on how the product is maintained and used.

The highlight of the glove is definitely its design and the hyperflexion C3 foam which gives superior support to the wrist, joints and knuckles without hampering your range of motion.


Pocket friendly
Brand assurance


Perfect for heavy bag but not professional training & combat,
Cannot absorb the force of an opponent’s punch.

3. Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Brand: Ringside



Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves review quite well on the list of top 5 boxing gloves for heavy bag. These are made of leather and have an elastic wristwrap hook and loop closure which secures the glove tightly on your hand. The leather is quite supple and the gel is positioned well across the knuckles to give you extra support and for impact absorption during training. Though consumers speak very highly of the gloves but there is a slight issue with it in terms of size.

The fit of the glove is a small so you might want to try them on before bringing them on to your team. Not just for beginners but even for those who are into professional MMA, these gloves would prove to be quite a good asset. When you first put in your hand inside the glove you might feel that they are a little rigid but break these in and you’ll be really happy with their performance. They also let your hand breathe pretty easy.


Good quality 
They use Gel which is the latest in safety technology


Fit can be an issue as they are a little on the smaller size

4. Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves 

Brand: Rival

Product: Amazon:

Next on our review list for best boxing gloves for heavy bag is the Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves. These come with a dual V strap wrist lock 2 system which results in excellent wrist and palm support.

The Rival boxing gloves come with an improved fit and lining. These gloves are made with super microfiber construction with 1.25inch of closed cell foam and latex padding. Overall this model is exclusively made for intense bag usage and the AirFlow control helps you keep your hand sweat free. The fit is quite comfortable in words of the consumers, these are absolutely top notch. What makes them best for heavy bag is the construction and materials.

Also, these offer great knuckle support which helps one accommodate and improve their performance. Adding on to the look of the glove is the embroidered backhand graphic. 


Good looks
Air Flow Control system
Excellent for beginners


Not that comfortable to get the glove on and off

5. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

Brand: Hayabusa


With enhanced wrist support as well as Deltra EG inner core that has an advanced crush zone complex work, we present the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves. These are an extremely fine product but only the 10Oz, 12Oz and 14Oz Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves can be used for heavy bag.

The 16Oz and onwards the gloves are better suited for sparring. These have Dual X wrist closure which gives perfect alignment to your hand and wrist whereas the SweatX thumb comes with ultrasoft microfiber suede which is designed in a way that it eliminated strain on thumb.

The gloves are made of Vylar – 2 engineered leather which offers more flexibility than regular leather and also gives the glove more abrasion resistance. There are hardly any who have been disappointed with the gloves but yes if you’re looking for size 16 and above then these might not be ideal for you.


Excellent quality
Good protection


Limited sizes for heavy bag training Verdict

The best boxing glove for heavy bag goes to: Title Gel Power Weighted Super Bag Gloves!

These gloves are extremely comfortable, superbly rated and very highly recommended by those who are actually using the product. They have an excellent durability and can prove to have a great value. Everlast ProTex2 EverGel Training Gloves follow the Title Gel Power glove closely behind.

Overall we can say that to know if you’ve landed a good pair of boxing gloves for heavy bag, evaluate the following criteria: Is the boxing glove comfortable to wear? Is it comfortable with the hand wraps on? Does it support and protect your wrist as well as knuckles well? Does it have an extremely comfortable cushioning?

Find the answers to the following and the product that has positive answers for all the above questions is the one for you. Find the best boxing gloves for heavy bag that suits you the best and enjoy your training by avoiding injuries.

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