Top 5 The Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners – 2017 Reviews & Top Picks

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Usually we begin each product review by talking about the product, its usage, benefits etc. but today let’s begin the review of best boxing gloves for beginners by talking about the brands that rule the boxing world.

Brands Matter

In the world of boxing, Brands Matter; especially when you’re considering your gloves. It is advisable that you buy gloves from a trusted brand name because they will usually have better quality and will offer better protection of your hands. Though the training gloves from most brands might sound more expensive in the beginning but they last much more than the cheaper ones; thereby saving your hands and your money in the longer run.

To name a few; some of the best brands from the world of boxing include names like Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Grant, Winning, Title, Ringside and Rival etc. Venum is also a good brand especially when it comes to MMA. Other names that are considered excellent for MMA include Fairtex, Twins and Hayabusa etc. This list is not exhaustive but it will give you a glance of the popular names.

Now to get back to the topic at hand…

Tips for beginners on choosing the best boxing gloves

Before we discuss this in detail, we need to understand that every person is different. Where some boxers might be ok with lesser protection, there might be others who require more padding and this stands true for both, beginners as well as professionals. So choose what works for you and don’t blindly follow whatever you hear or read. You and your trainers know what’s best for you.

Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect one…

Before you begin searching for the perfect boxing glove, figure out the size that fits you the best. Also, it is important that you take the weight of the glove into consideration as well. You would train quite regularly with these thus it is important that you pick a glove that has good padding so that it offers you excellent protection.

For best rated boxing gloves; whether for a beginner or a pro, one very important factor is that it should fit properly. Your fingers should reach the top and you should be able to make a fist without much difficulty. Also, we suggest that beginners should try training with hand wraps under the gloves.

Buy heavier gloves if you want to enter the ring and one with thicker padding if you want to use them for punching bag trainings only. Also, you can opt for all – purpose boxing gloves which suit beginners quite well. Apart from these points, make sure the gloves fit comfortably and that you aren’t pushing your hand trying to fit it.

​Top 5 boxing gloves for beginners – A quick review





Available colors

Editor’s rating


Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Micro-fibre construction

Black, Blue, Lime Green, Red, White


Title Gel World Bag Boxing Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves


Black, Pink/White, Red


Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Boxing Gloves

Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Glove


Black, Blue, Red


Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves

Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves


Black, Blue, Red, White


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Skintex Leather

Matt Black, Neo Orange, Neo Pink, Neo Yellow, White

​1. Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

1. Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Boxing Gloves

Brands - Rival

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The Rival bag gloves come with innovative V strap. The wrist gets a firm closure with the Wrist – Lock 2 system. It comes with excellent fit and a comfortable lining. It is made with super micro-fibre construction and has a 1.25” of closed cell foam along with Latex padding.

The AirFlow Control system allows your hand to breathe comfortably thereby keeping your hand cool and comfortable. It’s available in many colors and comes with a smart Rival trademark and embroidered backhand. It is available in sizes M – 10Oz, L – 12Oz and XL – 14Oz.

Consumers have reviewed the Rival glove quite highly as these are made with excellent quality materials and helps one be very comfortable during training sessions.

The only complaint that there has been with these gloves so far is that they need a little longer than others to break in but once they do, the gloves give an excellent performance.


Comfortable Lining
Good padding which allows one to train for long at a stretch without hurting their hand


Takes time to break in, at times your hands feel sweaty

2. Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Boxing Gloves

Brands – Title Boxing

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These are much recommended boxing gloves for beginners. The Title Gel World Bag gloves come with lining that is gel enforced and foam padding further offers protection. Overall the glove is designed to give you performance as well as power.

The benefit of the gel lining is that it is impact resistant therefore it will help protect your hands in a much better way. The outside construction is quite nice and the gloves are made of genuine leather. The approximate weight of the gloves is 16Oz, however they feel a little heavier than that thus are best suited for beginners.

The wraparound comes with an adjustable wrist wrap with D ring and the closure follows the hook and loop format. These gloves are good for building endurance but the insides do get a little wet with sweat. Also, the glove isn’t very airy because of which they dry quite slow.


Excellent cushioning for knuckles and hands
Comfortable to wear and take off
Good for hitting heavy bags


They aren’t airy therefore don’t dry up easy,
Due to slow drying they tend to get smelly
Not great for sparring as they are too heavy

3. Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Boxing Gloves

Brands – Ringside

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Ringside as a brand is considered to be excellent for those who are just starting. The Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves are good for beginners because they offer excellent protection and at the same time can fit into your budget as well.

These are made using foam which is positioned innovatively with gel to offer first-rate protection to your knuckles. The wristwrap using the hook and loop closure. The leather gloves are made such that they absorb impacts well.

The mesh palm makes them quite airy which is good because this ensures that your hands aren’t too wet with sweat. The only shortcoming that one can think about these gloves from Ringside is that they are slightly tight.

Usually one should go in for a larger size, but then do note that they will loosen a bit after you break them in. So try them on before making your decision.


Good wrist support 
Proper ventilation
Offer superb protection to knuckles


Little too tight

4. Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves

Brands – Winning

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Winning gloves are considered to be top notch for all around purpose and their boxing gloves are equally good for beginners as well as pros. In a general perception, Winning boxing gloves are extremely soft and they have a quality which allows them to be used continuously for about 5 – 8 years; depending upon your usage of course.

This brand is favoured by pro boxers and the gloves offer much better protection than most. These gloves are synthetic and are softer than real leather. They aren’t too bulky and work very well on heavy bags without making your knuckles sore.

The Velcro wrist allows one to wear and take off the boxing gloves easily though they provide lesser wrist support than what one would expect. Some believe that the Winning lace gloves are better when it comes to wrist protection so we would suggest that you try them on to figure out what works for you better.


Excellent protection for hands and knuckles
Not too bulky


Wrist support could have been better

5. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Brands – Venum

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Venum Elite boxing gloves are considered to be apt for beginners as well as professionals equally. The Elite gloves are made with Skintex leather and have long cuffs along with foam that has triple density. This results into excellent protection during training.

The gloves have a large Velcro enclosure which ensures that they stay put. These are handmade in Thailand so as to offer you excellent quality gloves that minimize the stress on hand that one feels on impact.

The gloves are quite airy but consumers do complain about hands getting too sweaty. The gloves fit well while looks are an added advantage. Another issue that has been with the Venum gloves is that the inner lining seems to wear off too easily therefore it is perfect for training at shorter durations.

A major advantage that you get with these gloves is that they come with a warranty. You can read more about it on the official website.


Value for money
Good grip and support
Top notch quality


Hands tend to get sweaty
Inner lining wears off with long usage

6. Our Pick

We like the Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves the most because they offer proper support, let your hands breathe and are also a good value for money. Rival offers a beginner with products that are high in quality as well as budget friendly. Mostly, Rival products stand true to what they claim.

Final word about boxing gloves for beginners

Remember that a boxing glove can be defined as good if it is comfortable to wear and take off, fits easily and does not strain your hand to be in a certain way. Also, a noteworthy boxing glove should have superb cushioning.

Keep in mind that when you are buying the best boxing gloves at a beginner level, you should always ask your trainer what would work best for you. Also, don’t invest in cheaper brands but do snoop around the World Wide Web and find a good quality product at considerable prices.

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