7 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment For Improved Boxing Fitness

When it comes to getting in shape or improving your physical fitness, there are many options to consider when setting up a home gym. One thing that is also true is that setting up a home gym can be costly. One of the great benefits of boxing as a sport is that it provides fantastic fitness benefits, whilst not necessarily requiring you to spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-range equipment like rowing machines, treadmills and so on – Just a bag and some gloves and you’re away.

Along these lines, there are also a range of complimentary fitness equipment that you can purchase to setup a mini home gym to further enhance your boxing fitness. Let’s take a look!

1. Jump Rope

Jump ropes normally cost $20 or less but can deliver a good cardio workout you can do practically anywhere. This tool is excellent material for interval training like using it and stopping at intervals and going back at it again for more effective results. Another thing that can make you appreciate it is you can bring it with you anywhere and of course, boxing requires fast feet which skipping really helps with.

2. Yoga Mat

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For only a small amount (often less than $30), you can choose a mat of good quality to cushion your body while you are performing your floor exercises. These mats are super handy because you can fold or roll it up and place inside your tote bag. These also take up very little room at home and can be easily stored. You can do some planks, push-ups, stretching or core workouts while never worrying about hard surfaces bothering your back.

3. Dumbbells

Small dumbbells on floor - fitness concept.

Dumbbells are a common sight inside gyms and very popular within home gyms. It’s easy to incorporate dumbbell routines with just about any exercise. To keep up with total body strength, start with 3 – 5 sets of dumbbells of varying weights from 5 – 30 lbs. Prices may vary according to brands, weight, and sizes so shop around and compare prices as you sort through the range of products on the market.

4. Kettlebells

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Kettlebells have been in use for hundreds of years and has resurfaced as a trendy workout tool more recently. A kettlebell has a bell-shaped lower half and topped by a handle. Its unique design allows for uneven distribution of weight. When using kettlebells, you’re often using a combination of the actual weight of the product, along with gravity, to get a super-effective workout.

Like the other weight products, its price varies by weight. Expect to shell out from $1 - $3 per pound. You can start on the mid-range level with a couple of kettlebells between 12 - 30 pounds.

5. Foam Roller

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Perform post-boxing routines with a lightweight and portable foam roller. Known as tools for self-massage, they are able to be used in a range of ways for reducing muscle aches and pains. In addition, these rollers are perfect for balance training and stretching exercises. Try a lunge using a foot on a roller and you’ll see why it is often used to improve balance! The best rollers are made of EVA foam that can stand longer use as this material prevents the rollers from warping. Typically, you may find sold under $30 so they make a great low-cost addition to a home gym.

6. Set of Cones

With five or six cones, you can come up with dozens upon dozens of running and agility drills at home. Possibilities are endless with a set of cones as you can try lining them up in equal distances a perform “suicide” moves like running to the closest one and going back where you started and then get back to the next cone, and so forth until you’ve finished doing so with the last on the line.

This is just one example of how you can do things practically with a set of cones. Anything you want to do with them is at your discretion; just don’t overdo the exercises for you to enjoy them the next day! An entire set can cost you around $10 – very affordable!

7. Flat Bench or The Step

The beauty of working out on a bench is you can use it for standard exercises like the dumbbell chest press or in place of a plyometric box for box jumps, which is an elevated platform with height that ranges from 6 - 42 inches. The Step, on the other hand, enables you to use it as a standard exercise tool, a low plyometric box; and of course, for step aerobics.

Both pieces will set you back from $45 - $90; therefore, you must know which one is best for your workout program. If you want to focus on resistance training, the bench is probably the best option. If you prefer exercising with instructional videos or are looking for a device for plyometric and box jumps, then, you should be fine with a Step.

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